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This Week’s Updates (August 26, 2013)

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August Updates

1) ”The current state of promising research into extraction of uranium from seawater” (in Japanese and in English). An article by Noriaki Seko, researcher at the Quantum Beams Science Directorate of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency. Current state of uranium from seawater is an important research, which has not been reported much. Ocean could become a place to obtain mineral resources for Japan.

2) ”Concerned about deterioration of the electricity management – Nuclear reoperation is necessary, addresses Kasai, Chairman of JR Tokai” (in Japanese). In fear of criticism, many restrain themselves from giving opinion of insisting utilization of atomic energy, particularly those in business and more so from those in an official posts. Within this climate, whenever there is an opportunity, Yoshiyuki Kasai, chairman of the Central Japan Railway Company (JR Tokai), gives calm and just argument, which we deeply respect. This is a report of his keynote speech at a symposium held on August 3rd in Tokyo by the Senior Network of Atomic Energy Society of Japan.

3) ”Japan must not abandon nuclear fuel cycle” (in Japanese). Series of 4 by Kumao Kaneko. He was the first section chief of the Atomic Energy Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who was involved in the launch of the nuclear fuel cycle plan, and has been involved in this issue for 40 years.
In Japan’s atomic energy issue, future of the problem of disposal of spent nuclear fuels is still unclear. Japan has proceeded a fuel cycle policy; to reprocess and reduce its quantity and not to have surplus plutonium which will be used for a nuclear weapon. Reprocess, however, has not progressed, nor Monju, reactor which uses it, in operation, furthermore, its final disposal site has not been decided. In order to solve this issue, it is essential to examine the past. No.1 and 2 looks back on the historical background., and No.3 and 4 clarifies how Japan’s spent nuclear fuel cycle is placed in international relations around the atomic energy.

4) ”What is necessary to truly regenerate nuclear power?” (in Japanese). A series of 2 by Takeshi Mitak , organization theory researcher, column from our collaborator IEEI. In No.1, he examines why Japanese nuclear power which had been going well, caused the Fukushima accident, and in No.2, explains the situation of TEPCO’s Atomic Energy Section.
5) ”Prevented mortality and Greenhouse Gas Emisions from Historical and Projected Nuclear Power” (English original and Japanese). A paper by Pushker A. Kharecha and James E. Hansen, NASA Goddard institute for Space Studies and Columbia University Earth Institute, introduced in the Environmental Science and Technology. GEPR translated its abstract in Japanese.


Is Fukushima Dangerous? -- Distorted images of Japan - Morley Robertson × Nobuo Ikeda

What's happen? What was the cause in Fukushima? Morley Robertson, writer and DJ, talk about distorted images of Japan after Fukushima nuclear plant accident with Nobuo Ikeda.

21st Century Energy Challenges

At the ARPA-E 2012 summit, Bill Gates and U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu discussed the largest energy challenges of the 21st century in the U.S. and around the world.

A Web-TV Program "Is radiation really so harmful? Considering risks of nuclear power generation" (Japanese only)

Agora Institute, who operates GEPR, broadcasted a Web-TV program "Is radiation really so harmful? Considering risks of nuclear power generation" on internet video streaming channel "Niconico Live " on January 19th (in Japanese only) . Nobuo Ikeda, President of Agora Incorporated, and three experts on radiation, risk analysis, and energy policy discussed about the situations after Fukushima nuclear accident. Their opinions were consistent that potentiality of health damage caused by the Fukushima accident is very small. GEPR will provide a summary about this program soon.


Agora Inc., who operates GEPR, releases a podcast program which was originally aired on Jan. 19th, 2012on internet video streaming channel "Nico-nico Live"; "Is radiation really so harmful? Considering risks of nuclear power generation" (Japanese only) The panel: Nobuo Ikeda, Akihiro Sawa, Jun Takada, and Hiroyuki Matsuda